Lithium disilicate - Grey was yesterday

Aesthetics, precision and easy processing.

Beautiful to press.

Grey was yesterday. NOVAPress® combines all the properties that are required of a modern material for efficient production clamping.

With extremely little reaction layer, acidification becomes superfluous, light blasting is sufficient. The very good flow properties reproduce the smallest details and are stable thanks to high breaking strength.

And thanks to natural fluorescence your patients can also go to the disco!

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Jan Schünemann presents NOVAPress®

Reinventing the wheel?
No! But maybe it will turn a little more easily.

We have designed a coordinated product system which makes our daily production easier and less expensive.nbspIt should meet the highest technical and aesthetic requirements and take into account the latest developments in framework materials.

Easy to use means that it facilitates daily production. There is everything - but you don't need it. Highest aesthetic results with modern colour concept, efficient workflow with less time consumption and costs. Because we also want to be economically successful.nbspAs users, this was a challenge because we are not an industry. The actual custom-made production according to our wishes is therefore carried out by world-renowned experts.nbsp

With kind regards
Gabor Koos & Torsten Gröger