Product overview

NOVAPress® S Optimal for the stain technique, monolithic restoration very high
NOVAPress® SLT Optimal for the layering technique for veneering the restoration high
NOVAPress® SLM Optimal for the stain and layering technique for finalising and veneering the restoration medium
NOVAPress® L Optimal for the layering technique for veneering the restoration, especially with discoloured dies low
NOVAPress® SLT bleach    
NOVAPress® SLT bleachT    
NOVAPress® pearl Ideal for veneers, non-prep veneers, available in three brightness levels  


The three transparent ingots of the S series (S1 - S3) are mainly intended for the fabrication of inlays, onlays and veneers, which are finished in the staining technique.

The SLT translucency level is available in 16 shades according to the VITA®* shade guide A1 - D4 for the staining and layering technique.

The translucency level L (translucency low and very low) comprises five blanks (L1 - L5), which can be processed in the layering technique to form restorations according to the VITA®* shade guide A1 - D4.

There are three special blanks (BL) for the Bleach inks in this series. In the BleachT (SLT bleachT) series, there are five additional blanks that have increased translucency.

In principle, any indicated restoration form can be made from any blank. For aesthetic reasons we recommend assigning the translucency levels to the individual techniques and indications.


Selection NOVAPress® Blanks